Reels and Clips

Cities – Nature’s New Wild

Jaguar hunting turtles – Big Cats – BBC1 I ended up face to face with this female!

Big Cats – Behind the scenes

BIG CATS – Turtle Buffet – look who dines after the Cat has had her fill!

Pallid Bat Predation on Scorpions – MEXICO: Earth’s Festival of Life – BBC Two

Thermal sequence in Lion Country Night and Day

RETRO (!) SHOW-REEL – From a few older shoots. I generally update this page with sequence clips now.

Showreel from Luke Barnett on Vimeo.

The Hunt

Behind the scenes! In the jungle mostly being bitten by stuff.

BBC Life story – Fight Club

Taken from programme two – Growing Up. Humming bird sequence. Shot in the rainforests of Ecuador – it took three cameramen (Me, Paul D Stewart and Mateo Willis) and several weeks to capture the behavior needed.

Natural World – Insiders Guide to Galapagos

I was filming top side from the shore. I still have the sunburn.


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