BBC “Primates” 2020 Photography

NETFLIX “Night on Earth” 2020 Photography

National Geographic “The Hidden Kingdoms of China” 2019 Photography

National Geographic “Okavango River of Dreams” 2019 Photography (Emmy Nominated for Cinematography)

BBC “Cities” Natures New Wild 2018 Photography

BBC “Dynasties” lions 2018 Specialist Photography

BBC “Wild Cats” 2018 Photography

National Geographic “Earth Live” 2017 Photography

BBC Mexico “Earth’s Festival of Life” 2017 Photography

ITV “Lion Country Night and Day”  2017 Photography

BBC “Planet Earth II  Cities” 2016 Additional Photography (BAFTA cinematography win)

testPlimsoll “Dogs – The Untold Story” 2016 Photography

Plimsoll “Story of Cats” 2015 Photography

BBC “Skyworlds” 2015 Photography

Offspring Films “Big Cats” (SKY) 2015 Specialist Photography

(BAFTA Nomination Cinematography)


Silverback “The Hunt” ( BBC ) 2015

“The Hardest Challenge” Additional Photography (BAFTA cinematography win for camera crew)

“Hide and seek” Additional Photography

Unknown copy 3

BBC Natural World – “Islands of Change” 2015 – Additional Photography

BBC Life Story “Growing Up” 2014 – Photography

Terra Mater. Wildes Brasilien 2014 “Die Fluten des Amazonas” – Photography

Unknown-3BBC Comic Relief 2013 “Through Hell and high Water” – Specialist Camera

Blue Marine Foundation “Chagos” 2013 – Cinematography

BBC “The Bear Family and me” 2011 1 episode – Additional Photography

BBC “Springwatch” 2011 5 episodes – Remote Camera Specialist

BBC “Lost Land of The Tiger” 2010 2 episodes – Additional Photography

BBC “Banded Brothers” 2010 – Additional Photography BBC

“Life in Cold Blood – Sophisticated Serpents” – Photography

Unknown-2BBC “Big Cat Live” 2008 8 episodes – Photography

BBC “Autumnwatch” 7 episodes – Mini Cam Operator

BBC Galapagos 2006 – Assistant Camera

“Forces of Change” – Additional Photography

“Islands that changed the world” – Additional Photography

“Born of Fire” – Additional PhotographyUnknown-1

BBC “Life in Cold Blood” 2005 – Invasion of the Land” – Additional Photography”

BBC British Isles a Natural History
“Our Future” – Additional Photography
“Taming the Wild” – Additional PhotographyUnknown-5
“Dinosaurs Deserts and Volcanoes” – Additional Photography

BBC Dragons Alive “Ruling Reptiles” 2004 – Additional Photography

BBC Natural World “Top Bat” 2002 – Additional Photography

BBC Wildlife on One “Operation Thunderball” 2001 – Additional Photography