What’s in my bag?

Here are a few oddities that I always find space in the bag for!

Helle Harding knife

A beautifully crafted hand forged blade with curly birch and darkened oak handle separated by leather. It is always sharp and ready to split wood, make tent pegs and preps supper. So well made it should see me out.


Pink Mouse and Space Dude

El Poncho

I love my military Italian poncho!  It has been a pillow, tent, ground sheet, camera cover, invisibility cloak (in the forest) and I even used one as a toboggan to get me down a snowy mountain before nightfall. I chose this rubbery type as it is also super silent. (Picture of me in it? Don’t be silly! I look ridiculous – but dry).

Survival tin

It’s got everything I need in it to survive if stranded (Yeah right!) I have never opened it and I hope I never have to (because it looks like it came out of a cracker). If I don’t take it then bad things will happen.


In a tear-open pouch. Better with a cold beer and crew.

Hip flask

Obviously I use the fine single malt in it for sterilising insect bites. (I am unashamedly open to sponsorship on this one).

Pink Mouse and Space Dude

Always tucked in my bag by my kids as I leave. I have photos of them all around the world that I mail back. Their trips are better documented than my own. (Stop Press – Space Dude has just had his head eaten by the dog).