Luke has endless energy for a project, a spectacular knowledge of how to get the most out of any camera, a good streak of creativity and excellent field craft. He was responsible for capturing some of the best shots in our army ant sequence (ep 3 of The Hunt), and he did so by approaching the task of capturing their behaviour in a fresh way. He is also a pleasure to work with – always positive, always eager to deliver, and good fun to be with.
Jonnie Hughes | Producer | Silverback Films

I have filmed using all flavours of HD and UHD and I am also well known for specialist camera applications. I often work with manufactures under NDA to test, advise and adapt equipment. (Selex thermal cameras, Canon lenses and cameras, Infra- RED etc.) I often consult on camera kit with various UHD requirements in mind to the likes of the BBC and independent production houses.
My craft as a cinematographer  involves filming and lighting in remote worldwide locations. From macro to long lens, infra-red, high-speed, time-lapse and sync. I am confident with getting the best out of the cameras technically and this lets me relax into getting the best out of a sequence.

Working knowledge and use in the field and studio of a wide range of kit – including these cameras and rigs.

RED Helium
Infra-red RED Dragon
Panasonic LT                                                                                                  Sony F55
Phantom Flex
Phantom Gold
Phantom Miro
Phantom 4k Flex
Selex Merlin
Selex Horizon
Canon C300 / 500 (etc)
Flare – Mini Cam
Time – Lapse Kits
Motion Control Rigs

This web site represents some of my work. Often stories, locations and work in progress is done and kept confidential until broadcast. Can’t let the cat out of the bag too soon can we……